fantaken audio of Koe (MAMI solo at Osaka-jo hall concert) at ARENA LIVE 2014 360°



This year marks the 15th anniversary of one of the biggest anime and manga conventions in Europe, which is Japan Expo (France).

As it’s a big anniversary, all the guests from previously edition of the expo has being feature in video messages and, of course, SCANDAL did one too (as they take part of the event on 2008)

You can watch it from wat.tv or download it from mega

for the one of you who don’t understand french, here’s a translation made by babaloued @ SCANDAL-HEAVEN

"Please, present yourself briefly"
All - Hello, we are SCANDAL
Haruna - I’m vocalist, Haruna
Tomomi - I’m bassist, Tomomi
Mami - I’m guitarist, Mami
Rina - I’m drummer, Rina

"How did you form the band SCANDAL ? Where does the name come from ?"
Haruna - The band was formed in 2006. We met each other in a vocal/dance school. At first, we didn’t know how to play any instruments, only sing and dance. A teacher has suggested us to try to play one. It’s at this point our band has formed. About our band name, SCANDAL, it comes from our rehearsal studio which was situed in the 6th floor of a building and except this floor, all shops from this building were for adults. So for our first live, when we needed a name, we took the name from the most shop in the building which was called SCANDAL. It’s like this that we found our band’s name

"You went to Japan Expo 9 in 2008, it was your first time in France ?"
Haruna - It was our first time, right ? *all agree*
Rina - Apart from live, we took the bus, we went to Champs Elysées, we were escorted to see night landscape. As it was our first time in France, we went to restaurants that people suggested to us and we ate chocolate cake all together.

"What do you think about french fans and their welcome ?"
Rina - We can clearly see that french fans really like the whole japanese culture and it’s also true for the music. Cosplays were good, all people were cute and also on stage, it was great!

"Your 18th single 「Departure」was released the 13th of April, what kinds of feelings are mixed in ?"
Haruna - Since the early year, I perform in a theater so we didn’t do lots of things all together. But during this time, the other members composed many songs. When Mami sent to me 「Departure」and I had listenning to it, I told to myself that I wanted to do this, next time, all together.

"Short message for 15th years of Japan Expo ?"
Haruna - Congratulation for your 15th years !!!
Rina - It’s incredible! 15 years!
Haruna - We went in 2008, so 6 years ago! We played in school uniform! If we come back, I would like to play like what we wear at the moment. We hope Japan Expo will go on for a long time!